Established in 1994, Gulf Asian General Trading LLC is the premier hotel bed linen provider in the UAE offering complete hospitality project solutions for Bed, Bath, and F&B Linen. As the hospitality industry expands, many hotel chains and their central purchase teams are looking for reliable providers that offer high-quality control and short delivery times.

As the leading supplier of bath linen in Dubai, UAE, Gulf Asian Hospitality is your go-to source for a wide selection of hospitality solutions. Whether you’re launching a new hotel, renovating an existing space, or need day-to-day items, we have what you need with our extensive range of bedding, towel linens, table linens, upholstery & curtains, uniforms, and other miscellaneous items – approximately 120 different textile products!

From our very own Derby Textile Factory located in the UAE, we are able to provide large quantities without compromising on quality. We have kept our commitment to clients unaltered over the last 20 years as we have built a solid reputation for reliability and excellence due to our premium linen products, specialized services, and timely delivery schedules.

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At Gulf Asian, we strive to give hotels the best possible experience for their guests. Our sales team works diligently, intelligently, and accurately to meet your hospitality needs. We are committed to our clients and always strive to deliver the best – no matter what. We do our utmost to meet your queries and requirements in a timely fashion.